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How to Replace Garage Door Tracks


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How to Replace Garage Door Tracks

Replace Garage Door Tracks | Garage Door Repair Hugo, MN

When every attempt to fix garage door tracks fails, the only solution is their replacement. As some of the most crucial parts of the system, tracks must be in perfect condition or the door won't move right. If you have an overhead door, you already know that the rollers sit in tracks in order to travel up and down and carry the door to its opening and closing position. Although tracks are not damaged easily due to the fact that they are made of hard steel, they can still bend due to impact with a heavy object. Small dents and various other problems with tracks are usually repairable, but when bent garage door track repair is no longer the solution, replacement is a one way street.

The replacement of tracks is not easy whether there is need to replace vertical or horizontal tracks. Tracks are connected with a plethora of other components including the garage door springs, which due to their tension can be very dangerous. All interventions on your part might hide risks and this is the main reason why Garage Door Repair Hugo sends out a warning and is available for assistance. Before you do anything else, you must get new tracks and make sure they are of the right size. If you live in high moisture areas, don't forget the importance of getting galvanized steel so that you won't have trouble with rust later. It's also helpful to mark the exact position of the current tracks on the wood they are supported against so that you can align them later properly. If the tracks are not aligned properly and not put in their perfect position, the door would not work alright.

Choosing the right size tracks is vital so that you won't have to cut the edges later. Tracks must have the right length, thickness and be wide enough for the current garage door rollers. The size of all parts is always determined by the size and weight of the door. If you have not made any other changes and the door hasn't been changed, it would be helpful to get the same exact tracks as the ones you currently have. Since you will have to remove the rollers and the springs, check if these parts are in good condition or need replacement, too. It will save you time and you won't have to go through the same trouble again anytime soon.

Make sure tracks are properly adjusted

The first step for the replacement of tracks is to remove the rollers. Some pins would come off easily and some would need unscrewing. With the door open and the garage door opener disconnected, also remove the springs. You need to remove the door out of your way (at the side of the door where you are working) without damaging the parts on the other side of the door. If this is not possible, you will have to remove the door completely by removing the hinges and pins on the other side as well. It’s time to remove the track by working your way from bottom to top while you are removing the bolts.

If you get the same exact track, you won't have to drill new holes but always check well before attempting to install the new one. Then, place the track in position and screw in the bolts without tightening them just yet. You must make sure the track is perfectly aligned. You can use a level, the marks you made earlier as a guide and also the instructions at your manual for the exact distance of the tracks from the opening for your specific door. Once the track is in its perfect position, tighten the screws and reposition every other part.


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